Lusting after my neighbours young attractive wife

The most unexpected thing happen to me this week. I was kinda busy so I haven’t had the time to check my phone but later that day when I checked ,I had 3 miss calls. That was unusual for me because most of the people I chat to is on bbm and twitter. Then finally the phone rang again when I answered the phone, I heard a young sexy female’s voice. Then she tells me who she is. Then finally I realised it was my neighbours wife *Rukia*. I was curious because she is young, about 19 or 20 she got married straight after school. So of course wild taught’s where running through my mind wondering what does she want. I was sad to learn that she only wanted me to upgrade her computer.

That night I was chatting with a friend who knew my neighbours wife ,because they was in school together. He and I was talking non sense about the possibilities of how great it would be if we could get with her. The topic about muffins, or muffing came up a lot. After talking to my friend I decided to sort out my neighbours wife computer. So I started upgrading the computer from windows xp to windows 7 and my mind began to wonder about the shit me and my friend was talking about, especially about muffing my neighbours wife. I knew I had to finish sorting this computer out fast so I can give it to her and stop thinking about the nawty things I wanted to do to her.

I finally finished the next day I gave her the computer and taught it was over. Then she’s calls me again to tell me that monitor is saying input not supported. So I had to tell her to bring it back and now I still have to computer. So I can’t wait to sort yet another mystery here so I can give the computer back so I can stop thinking about her ,or is there something more going on here that I keep getting to see more and more of her each day. I wonder if she will seduce me or come on to me like the women in the photo above this post. I guess I can only imagine for now.


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