Women in mini skirts & high heels turn me the fuck on!

Every guy is turned on by some part of a women’s body. What do I mean? Well some guys are turned on by women with bigger breasts, or thicker thighs. Everything that turns a guy on has to do with a women’s appearance, weather that be she looks sexy, beautiful, nawty, sluty, sweet & innocent or the nerd look etc. We men have that weakness for women, unless you gay.

As for me I love any women in a mini skirt wearing high heels. I just find that to be so hot. Yes it is superficial but so is love at first sight. For example now days on facebook you look at the profile pictures the girls are putting, you gotta admit its pretty dam hot. Besides who wants to see FHM anymore when you can see hotter more natural sexy photos on facebook.

If you haven’t even gotten a hard on from looking at a seductive or attractive female, then I gotta say you must be gay. When I see a hot young girl (**legal age**) wearing a boob tube top with a mini skirt in high heels, its sometimes hard to control your ergers not to go and rip out that girls clothes and have sex with her legs opens and go down on her (**muffing her**). I guess this is my confession of my lust.


3 thoughts on “Women in mini skirts & high heels turn me the fuck on!

  1. You responded to my blog, seriously it’s not my problem and when you have a family I feel sorry for them, whatever attracts you (God’s Law of Attraction) will attract…..

    Hey guy that is so not my problem, and I don’t give a rat’s behind, one thing for sure is I am a Medium and my Spirits Guide has a message for you.

    When shit hit’s the fan and it will you are going to be in need help and I will be here to explain it to you.

    With all of God’s many blessing
    Remember you have “Free Will” and to Just to think Jesus put his arse on the Cross for people like you.

    Don’t pro recreate.

    Divinetruth.com they will help you.

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