Being in the friends zone with a girl you like sucks

I never expected to write this post ,but after talking to my friend last night it brought up a lot of old feelings for the girl I once loved. Its been quite a long time before I fell in love again. So you know I met this girl (“The love of my life”) on facebook and what brought us together was, we had a passion for dogs. She always commented on my photos that I took out my dogs and I. We exchange our Blackberry BBM pins. Now that I had her on BBM we used talk ,began to get to know each other very closely to a point, that she began to trust me with her deep and darkest secrets. She was so open to me about everything and anything even her sex life. So I asked a question, if she ever let a guy go down on her (muffing her). She tells me, yes vish that thing is fucken amazing.

Eventually the day came where we finally met. Apparently we went to the same church. So we hugged and met for the first time, it was love at 1st sight for me. She was more beautiful in person then I ever imagined, like in a love story or romantic movie playing in my head. She even introduced me to her mother and invited me to visit her. Now a few years has past since then, we’ve gotten closer then ever but I began to grow feeling for her. We would chat for hours day and night. Even late at night she would check if I was awake to ask me for advice ,because she knew I was the 1 person she could count on.

Now the 1 thing I began to fear was becoming a reality, without even knowing it I was in the friends zone. Why do you ask? Because 1 thing a guy doesn’t ever want to hear from a girl he likes is, when she asks you advice about guys she likes. So she began to tell me about how she was in love with 2 guys and asked me for advice. Dam this pissed me off ,thinking there’s 2 guys and I’m not even 1 of them.

Anyway the 1st guy is her boyfriend ,she was talking about and some other guy she knew and liked. She been sleeping with both of them ,so I asked her why? Are you cheating on your boyfriend if you love him. Then she tells me about how her boyfriend abuses and cheats on her, so his only getting what he deserves. Then I suggested she choose 1 of them and stick with 1 guy ,because what she was doing is wrong.

Eventually she broke it off with those guys and was single for a while. This was my chance to make a move, to make her mine. So just before I pumped my self up and summoned the strength to ask her out, the worst happen. She tells me how much she appreciates our friendship and how I’m like a brother to her. I taught in my mind oh fuck not the brother line. We had such chemistry and our conversations where epic. I would even hint often how much I loved her. I knew all I needed was to sleep with her and then she would not think of me as her brother lol, but never got that chance.

Today she is in a serious relationship and hardly talks to me. I guess I served my purpose and now I am no longer needed. Sure I was heart broken but I moved on. This is a lesson that you can’t have female friends without falling for them. I love to hear if any1 experienced anything like I have so feel free to comment and let me know.


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