Sunday morning church jitters

Its 6 AM and I just woke up to go to church, I’m still not sure weather or not if I want to go. I mean its so early I’m lazy, tired and hungry. Sure I used to love going to church but somewhere along the line I lost my passion. Don’t get me wrong I don’t have anything against god just lost faith in the people of the church.

I guess I had a lot of bad experiences when it comes to church people. I’m just tired of people in church pretending to be holly in church but outside church they hypocrites and like judging people who ain’t to their standard. Today I choose to go to church in hopes god will do something in my life.

Ps: God bless and have an awesome sunday.


2 thoughts on “Sunday morning church jitters

  1. Hope that you will be rewarded for your decision to go to church today! And even if nothing happens today, hope you keep the faith.

    God bless!

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