Knowing your self worth

Do you know how valuable you are? That is a question people are afraid to ask. There are many people out there who don’t know their self worth.

5 examples of not knowing your self worth

1. A young girl who doesn’t feel she’s pretty enough to get a boyfriend, so she dresses like a slut and attracts guy by having sex with them.

2. An over weight guy who feels like he will never get married or ever get a girl, so his often depressed and wants to kill himself.

3. A average person with a low self-esteem who feels like there’s nothing to live for and often cries out for help by cutting or by inflicting pain on himself.

4. The unemployed guy or girl who turns to drugs because life is difficult.

5. Finally the rejected, people who try to fit in ,but never is accepted by society or social standards. So this often leads to people living a life to what people think you should be.

If you don’t know your self worth or don’t know who you are, then people will mostly likely take advantage of you. The first thing I can say is love yourself with your flaws and all, be confident in who you are despite what others may think. When you stop living to please people or stop living to the expectation they put on you, then you will live a happier and less stressful life.


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