Happy Halloween

Hi and happy halloween everybody. Finally the time of year has come where everyone gets to escape reality and wear cool costumes while getting dressed up as their favourite horror movie characters. This is a very social activity and the best part is ,the trick or treating. Yeah halloween candy/chocolate is the best so I heard. Honestly I envy the americans for celebrating halloween, because here in south africa we don’t celebrate halloween. Now and then there are small halloween parties but certainly nothing close to how the americans celebrate.

In honour of halloween here in south africa I’m wishing all south africans a happy halloween ,so I designed a wallpaper enjoy.

I don’t know why but Justin Bieber reminds me of that 1 vampire from twilight, whose is a part of the Volturi with Dakota Fanning. So I had to use him when making this wallpaper.

#I wish all the best for america and may god watch over you’ll right now in you’ll time of need#


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