Stalking celebrities on twitter

Celebrities the rich, famous and the powerful, can’t help but look an admire them. Everybody has at least one celebrity they love, buts what’s a celebrity without being stalked. Here in south africa my favourite celebrity is a girl called Jay Anstey, she acts in a local soapy shown on tv called Isidingo. I love her character so much I decide to stalker her on facebook and twitter, but mostly on twitter.

I did some additional stalking by google searching and found a shocking discovery, that she was on the cover on fhm. She’s sexy, hot and beautiful I knew that much already ,but to be on fhm was a bonus for me. When you have a passion for a celebrity, you want to know all about them, especially how they became successful.

My stalking only started a few months ago and all I want is a Tweet from my favourite local Actress. Stalking is harder than it looks and making sure you tweet your celebrity everyday ,hoping that she will read your tweet is stressful. I’m really hoping she tweets me before my birthday in november, but even if she don’t reply I will still stalk her on twitter until this years ends, because that is my goal.

#If any1 else is stalking celebrities please share your taughts and opinions with me, because I look forward to learning from you.


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