Friday night is game night with my friends

Its friday so it means the weekend is finally here. Me and my friends had plans to watch “Silenthill revelations”, but sadly it will not be coming to south african cinema’s due to bad reviews. Well that sucks was really looking forward to watching it, but never the less I always have a back up plan for friday night with my friends.

If we don’t usually go out on friday, then we usually get together and play board games like monopoly etc and be social. Tonight I decided to host a card game instead, because I haven’t played a good game of cards in a while. You could say friday is game night for us ,if we don’t have any other plans that is.

Game night is awesome because it shows you don’t need money to have a good time. I’m still knew to playing poker, but my favourite card game is 9 cards. Honestly the card game I really wish I could play is duel monsters from the anime “yugioh”. How cool would that be, a card game with monsters coming to life ,but I guess that dream needs to be tossed aside, no way people gonna invest thousands of dollars into a card game. Its that time to end this post, so have an awesome friday and a great weekend cheers.

#Photo (Dogs playing with cards)is from


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