My dogs are my closest friends

Today I realise that my pets are more then just my dogs but my closest friends. I have 2 amazing rhodesian ridgeback cross breed dogs. Their names are Brandy and King. I know the 1st thing I do ,when I wake up in the morning is to see where my dogs are and how they doing. The thing I treasure the most about my dogs is that they are loyal and always there for me and great listeners to. I’m sure my niece would agree that we can’t live without them.

People don’t realise how much their pets do care about them. I know when I go anywhere without a doubt my dogs are waiting 4 me. They bark and will never let me go inside the house without playing with them and giving them attention, because they excited to see me. When I’m lonely I know I can count on my dogs to keep me company and cheer me up. I usually play fetch with them to pass the time or talk to them. When no one is around, they all I have. I guess I need them more then they need me.

#These are original photos I taken with my mobile phone. Sharing the moments and good times together.


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