My celebrity stalking paid off!

Its been about two months now since I decided to stalk my favourite local tv actress on twitter. She is beautiful and whose to say I don’t have a little crush on her, but that’s not the reason for why I’m stalking her. She is a great actor and I love her on screen personality and it is one of the reasons why I watch this local soap. I’m a huge fan wanting to know more about her success and what she gets up to, that’s why I’m following her on twitter.

Yes I have been tweet stalking her by sending her a tweet everyday. I had a small expectation of her tweeting me back ,but never really believed that she would. The goal was that I would keep tweeting her till the end of this year, unless she tweeted me back then my goal would of been accomplished. Honestly I was really hoping for her to tweet me before the 11th of November which is my birthday.

This morning I was totally mind blown to find out that she actually tweeted me, jay anstey actually tweeted me!
It was like a dream come true.
Thank you Jay Anstey for the tweet and making my birthday wish/goal come true ,and it was just before my birthday as I’d hoped. I will continue to be your biggest fan, can’t wait for you to return on isidingo 🙂


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