Why? i hate facebook!

Facebook used to be a great way to communicate but now days its just a tool to waste time. When facebook first came out, it was new and exciting. Has facebook lost its purpose? It would seem so. Facebook is more antisocial than I taught! because people only talk to people in their own social circles, and these people are the same friends they already have on their instant messengers like Whatsapp and BBM.

How boring is it to talk to the same friends everyday using these new technologies. I love using facebook to make new friends that are from around the world ,to find out what are people doing for fun in Japan, Canada or anywhere I haven’t been. Come on doesn’t it sounds more interesting reading a facebook friends status from another country than someone you know.

Its just seems to me that we abuse the technology because it has become apart of our daily lives. Today I logged in my facebook and was so annoyed about how stupid statuses people I know put! They status wasn’t even anything they wrote, it was quotes copied from twitter posts. Seriously you posting that as a status. Social networks are about sharing your own taught’s and to connect to world outside the one you already know. I’m sorry to say that people are just wasting valuable time stealing other people statuses! And quotes.

#From all I’ve written you can see why I hate facebook so much. I could go on about how I hate facebook but I think you get the point.


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