Are libraries & books outdated!

Knowledge is power as the saying goes. Books used to be a great source of knowledge, but now days we got the internet and ebooks. With the internet we can access information anywhere and at anytime. Now with the latest technology’s such as Digital tablets like the Amazon Kindle. You can purchase, download and read the latest ebooks on the Amazon Kindle. So the question is are libraries outdated?

Sometimes being old school is best

I wouldn’t say the library is outdated. Why? Because when I’m reading an ebook on my computer it feels uncomfortable looking at the screen reading, and straining my eyes. Another thing is you get a lot of disturbances at home making it hard to read in peace. That’s why it is so great to go the library. The environment is calm and relaxing making it easy to focus and to read without disturbances. Libraries will never be out dated as long as people seek knowledge and a good old fashion book to read.

We are living in a digital age

I know I said earlier that it is uncomfortable to sit and read ebooks in front of a computer, well digital tablets more than make up for that. The Amazon Kindle isn’t the only tablet out there.. There are other digital tablets like the ipad ,samsung galaxy, Motorola, blackberry playbook and etc that are more than capable.

The benefits of having a Amazon kindle/other tablets

1)you can access online libraries if can’t afford to buy ebooks.

2)You can change the size of the writing to suit your reading needs.

3)You can shop online for the latest books, instead of going to the bookstore.

4)Its small, its portable and you can read on it anywhere.

5)It is environmentally friendly because its digital, and books use paper that are made from trees.

#nothing beats a good old fashion book, but that said we can’t choose to ignore technology forever either. 🙂


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