Hate can motivate you too!

Hate is a strong word, but if it is used out of context it can sound evil. I discovered hate as a motivation, when people began to look down at me as a failure. This feeling of hate was different from hating someone in a bad way, but instead it was a feeling of when you hate being a failure and want to succeed just to proven those people wrong.

Villains are created from hate which leads to revenge. As you can see that revenge tends to make them stronger. I’m not saying hate is a good form of motivation. No I’m just saying it can be used as motivation. Let’s say someone tells you that you can’t do something, then you take that hate of how you feeling to fuel yourself that drives to do what they said you couldn’t do.

A lot people do feel this way but never really say it out loud, because they afraid of being judged. Hating people is never good ,but hating a bad situation enough to do something about it ,is good enough to drive you to succeed.

#So remember do not promote hate or hate speech, just hate the things that are wrong in your life enough to change it.


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