I hate being camera shy!

If I was a superhero my weakness would be!, that I am camera shy. I’m serious when I look in the mirror at my self I look and feel great. The moment I take a picture of myself or let someone else take a picture of me, my smile disappears and my photos come out terrible.

This has discouraged me from taking photos or ever being in front of a camera again. I guess I am more conscious of being on camera than I taught, besides I never come out in photos the way I want them too.

I envy those sexy sluty facebook girls, because every time they take out photos of themselves it comes out just perfect. Honestly how do you compete with perfection and hot bodies. I wish there was a D.I.Y trick to taking photos, because even my dogs come out better in photos then I do.

The sad thing is, I can edit photos like a pro because I am
a graphic designer. Maybe it was meant to be, I don’t know. I would love to take some awesome pictures of myself with a smile and edit them, but I guess I have to get over being camera shy first.

#Its strange that looking at my facebook profile picture inspired writing this post.


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