My D.I.Y fitness challenge

Its been an awesome weekend hanging out with friends, eating junk food, snacks and watching movies. Now that it is monday I feel tired, lazy unmotivated and fat. To make things worse I have asthma and a over lapping stomach which makes me feel like an over weight monster.

I didn’t realise that getting healthy comes with a price. You have to change your life style and make time for exercise. My main goal is really to get rid of my overlapping stomach. My stomach makes me want to go to the toilet and take out my food just after eating. I’m sure that is unhealthy. Also I get tired easily due to my stomach being heavy.

So today I started with my own D.I.Y exercise program which consists of stretching, press ups, sit ups, jogging, swimming if possible, playing outdoor sports. D.I.Y exercises are best suited for people who are unemployed or can’t afford going to the gym. So far today I’ve been doing press ups and talking a long walk with my friend zak. I got admit that felt refreshing.

I still haven’t started with a diet? ,But started eating less and sometimes eat more smaller meals. Its time for me to research more about special diets. So thank god for the internet. What helps me a lot with my health is watching the Dr Oz show. The Dr Oz show always shows has a lot of great tips about eating healthy and getting fit.

I’m looking forward to getting healthier and fit. Unfortunately I chose the worst time to diet because it is the holiday season and you know it’s the time of the year when you get to eat the best of best meals. My last tip to you before I leave you is from my friend moses. He always says if you can’t do ten push ups then do twenty. Why? Because pushing yourself also helps stretch your muscles.


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