Night of darkness, my technological apocalypse

Thank god for a new day because last night I had the worst night ever. I dunno know why ,but for some reason the electricity to our area had been shut off. Now imagine having no power from mid day to the entire night. Now without any power my cellphone was my only form of entertainment and once my battery died, it was like living in a technological apocalypse.

The worse thing for me last night was I could not make any food hot. Unlike america having gas stoves would of benefited us if there’s no power, but here in south africa almost everything is electricity based. Thankfully i had an old one plate kind of gas stove which used paraffin to work. If not for that paraffin stove I would be staving that night.

Now after eating it was so boring with nothing to do with no electricity, can’t watch tv or listen to music ,and not to mention missing my favourite tv shows. I was so pissed and frustrated. The upside was the neighbours came out and socialised with other neighbours. The socialising was great because in that moment we have abandoned our need for technology. Last night just proves that we can still have a good time without technology. In the past we did without cellphones, ipads, tablets etc. So I’m sure we can abandon technology every now and then to live life and be practical, instead of being a walking talking zombie of technology.

#The lesson here to be learnt is we should appreciate life.


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