Hello friday

Its friday you know what that means baby, the weekend is here. So if you got nothing planned you better pull out that xbox and get drinks because its gonna be a party on a friday night. Today I want to enjoy my friday and make sure it leads to an awesome weekend. If you thinking the weekend starts on saturday then think again.

Friday night is when people go out to play, when clubs are most fullest or when people are having the best moments of their lives. I remember the good times with my friends when being out till late friday night and only coming home saturday morning those where the best nights of my life. Of course the stuff that happen those nights will be my little secret ,but they where crazy times.

So how are you spending your friday. Well school girls lie to their parents that they going out with friends but really going to have sex with their boyfriend in some cheap hotel room, some people are doing drugs in the street corner, or adult girls dressing up sluty to go the clubs. I know what said may sound like it should have an age restrict but unfortunately its the truth. Some people have the wrong idea’s for fun sometimes.

So I will ask you again what you are doing this friday night? Are you going to the movies ,youth? Tell me, comment, tweet me or email me because I love to know how people spend they friday nights 🙂


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