Who is GOD?

Today as I was playing with dog a taught popped into my head. The taught was who is GOD. I began to question this taught and wondered! Is GOD real, who is GOD. My curiosity began to question it more because two years ago I stopped believing in GOD due to something that happen in my life. Just about a week now I began to believe in GOD again. I guess I figured that life is hard enough and I could use all the help I could get by praying again.

Sometimes I think GOD isn’t real because if you read the bible or any other religious book, you will notice that GOD came in physical form to do miracles. Now days nothing. Where is GOD now ,why don’t he sent prophets now in our time. Yes their are a lot of religious people in our time but nothing like the people in religious books. So could religion be a lie or made up by man. Its possible a group of wise people could of created religion to control society due to mankind’s nature of destruction. Think about it really?

Notice how much religion controls your actions on what you do. I have nothing against religion but where is GOD in all of this. If GOD is real then people have taken GOD out from religion and made it their own. I’m sure religious people would be angry with me for writing this post ,but I had to get this taught of my chest. Sometimes I feel like religion and GOD don’t add up.

Well since I’m christian I’ll use my religion as an example. In the past the bible speaks of a lot of supernatural things and miracles but today you don’t see any of it. So was that all a lie then. I don’t know! so someone can you please shed some light on this, because if GOD is real then the GOD of the past is more powerful then the GOD of the present. So just you know I’m not attacking religion or GOD, I’m just sharing a taught. I have no problem believing in GOD ,if he is real but I do have a problem with religion in today’s world.


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