Working towards my dream project

Everyone has a dream and I am finally motivated to focused on mine. My dream project is to create a design brand in the field of graphic design. I know its not easy, so i began writing my goals list to help me take steps to get to where I want to be. My goal before this year ends is to come up with a name and logo for my brand.

Today I began brain storming to come up with idea’s for my brand and let me tell you its not easy. I don’t want to have a boring name for a company, I want something that sounds creative and funky. So I hit a dead end ,but thank god for google. I began to research and look at other brands for inspiration. Finally inspiration hit me but still can’t come up with a unique name. The inspiration that hit me was for a design logo and not a name. Well I do have till end of december to accomplish my first goal so I’m not over doing it today. Now I just skipped to the next task of my goals list, making my self organised.

I want to create a brand with a purpose and to provide a service. Now that i have taken the first steps, there’s some pressure on me to accomplish my goals. Today I’ve done a lot of reading about how others have achieved their dreams and that makes me feel like anything possible. Hopefully not so far from now I will be writing a post about how I became successful. 🙂


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