Awkward moment with my old evil teacher!!!

Today as shopping waiting to pay at the till, I noticed my old evil afrikaan’s teacher standing across from me and then we had a moment of awkward silence once we saw one another. The reason for that was one day back when I was in school. I went swimming with some friends in the afternoon. It was hot and I lived near a pool. It so happens that afternoon my afrikaan’s teacher was taking some swimming lessons, because he couldn’t swim. As walking around the pool I saw my afrikaan’s teacher struggling to swim and you could say drowning too.

I began to laugh at him not directly, I meant it was funny how he was fighting with the water and even the swimming instructor was shouting at him to stop fighting with the water instead of paddling. I wasn’t sure if he saw me laughing at him, but he did. The next day in school I told some of my friends about what happen which made it bad news for me. My friends started making swimming and drowning jokes out loud and from that moment, me and my afrikaan’s teacher become arch enemies.

So that’s my reason for having an awkward moment. As for why his evil. Everyone hates the teacher of they worst subject.


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