Thinking of de-activating my facebook account

Facebook to me was another world where I lived in. Today facebook is just another way to waste time. Nobody comments or writes on my facebook like they used too! People only seem to like my statuses which is a very lazy attempt, besides i mostly chat to my close friends on instant messengers like whatsapp or bbm. The reason i used to use facebook was to make new friends but its seems other people are not as open minded as I taught. People on social networks seem to be antisocial.

I been spending more time on my twitter these days so I guess I have some negative feeling towards facebook. The thing that ticks me of the most about facebook is when you add someone as friend and they accept your invite, when you write on they wall and they will ask you stupid questions. Well for example questions like? Do I know you. If you read their profile and say to them I see you into horror movies. Guess what they will think you stalking them, when you just read from they profile about their interests. I mean what the hell are profiles for then.

Facebook has its good and bad qualities. So I’m gonna sleep on it and think about weather or not to de-active my account. 🙂


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