I love graphic design

We all have passions, goals and dreams. Graphic design was a passion I discovered by accident. I was originally learning website design at the time but realised my websites looked boring without graphics. In time as I began learning graphic design to improve my website’s look, it eventually hit me that I was more passionate about designing graphics. So I switched fields and only work on websites as a hobby.

My passion has gotten me this far, but I need to learn more about improving my designs skills and taking it to the next level. I’m more of a spontaneous guy but need to work more on my drafts, idea’s and being organised. I have a big dream that involves graphic design so I can’t give up the thing I love so much just yet.

This post I wrote because lately I been struggling for ideas for designs. Taught’s like I should give up has been creeping into my mind. I guess the reason I got stuck in a design rut was because I was comparing myself to other better graphic designers instead of improving myself. So I began reading graphic design articles and I feel more motivated now. You can learn a lot from other people when you stop comparing your abilities to there’s. Insecurity is only natural but dangerous if kept unchecked. So I will continue to design because its what I love to do.


7 thoughts on “I love graphic design

  1. I’m trying to Learn Web design but still not sure if it’s gonna be easy or not? so what do u recommend i should read to master it faster and easily? the graphic design is more easier or the web design?

    1. Well web design is cool and easy when It comes to the design aspects but the programming web apps are kinda hard but if you want to do web design the easy way, you can learn how to use wordpress for webdesign. You can download wordpress and install it on your local computer and learn it easy. You can do make anytype of website using wordpress. Graphic design is easy to learn and the only limitation there is your imagination. Try both graphic and web design and see which one you feel more passionately about. I’m wish you best of lucky and remember to have fun.

      1. Thanks Alot Vishal4nw 4 ur reply ,it’s rly helpful.I’m thinking of Learning web design and graphic as well and see which is better and easier about the wordpress thing i don’t know how to download it and from where ,I just need to know where to start from first i mean to learn the basics about web design then apply what i learned.
        i guess it would take time ,anywayz thanks again ,wish u all the best 🙂

      2. Awwwh thanks and My pleasure 🙂 there are hundreds of websites tutorials to learn both web and graphic design. Try downloading ebooks they helped me a lot too. I wish you all the best on your quest to get new skills. If I could do it you can too.

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