Feel like taking on a new hobby

The thing you remember the most on monday is weather you had a good or bad weekend. Honestly I had a very boring weekend. Sunday was the only time I had some fun. I think I need a hobby something exciting to keep me on edge. My reason for having a new hobby isn’t only because I had a boring weekend, no! its also about spicing up your life and doing something you have never done or something you always wanted to do but didn’t.

Right now I haven’t got much to look forward to in my life. So taking on a new hobby might just bring back that passion for life again. I’m still undecided on what I want to do. I always loved to draw and sketch but sucked at it. Tennis was also an option but you need someone in order to play. I think I need to find a individual hobby so that I don’t have to bother anyone.

Its true that blogging is a hobby of mine but I’m looking for another hobby that’s more practical. I really need to make this happen! I need to feel alive again and I know having a practical hobby will help me gain confidence and take my mind of things. I have googled having a hobby and there are thousands of things you can do.
Its just so hard to choose from so many great choices. I am really interested in doing painting/art or forming a group like a book or chess club. I’ll give myself this week to think about it while I try different hobbies and see what I like. Remember hobbies are fun and will make your life more interesting. 🙂


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