My christmas wish list

I’m sure if santa was real his workshop would be really busy making presents. Do you have a wish list? You never to old to get presents. My wish list is about spoiling myself and not about what I need. Its called a wish list because its something you want but can’t really have. I’m not a millionaire or something where I can afford all of these things I want for christmas, but one can only hope it comes true.

My wish list

1)The dark knight trilogy dvd box set

The dark knight trilogy box set comes with batman begins, the dark knight and the latest instalment the dark knight rises. Its been a few months since I watched the dark knight rises on cinema. It was the most epic comic book movie I ever seen. I want to get the box set so that I can watch and have a marathon movie night with my friends.

2)Intel i7 laptop

I have a desktop pc but it seems that I need a faster computer. I’ve had 3 desktop pc’s so far and now I want an intel i7 core laptop. Its every blogger dream to use a laptop with that much hardware. The real reason why I want it, is to take my laptop and relax in a coffee shop while I blog or design graphics. That feeling of blogging in a coffee shop makes you feel like an entrepreneur.

3)Nokia lumia cellphone

The nokia lumia is an 4G phone with the new windows 8 operating system. I have a blackberry right now and it is pretty boring and has terrible features. Nokia really has upped they game with the new lumia series of mobile phones with great features and a slim look. The windows 8 os is amazing and I just have to get it for blogging, gaming, email, fun and apps on the go.

4)Psp vita

The psp vita is nothing like the original or first psp. The psp vita has better game play, better graphics and more functions than before. Now the psp vita is also a smart phone with apps and all. Unlike the old psp! The psp vita has a wider range of games including the latest titles found on the playstation 3 and xbox. This gadget is a must have.

Dear santa if you are real I’ve been a good boy so please help a brother out and give me something from my wish list this year. 🙂


5 thoughts on “My christmas wish list

  1. I need a Roof for Christmas. I live in a Mobile Home That needs a Roof. I do not work i am on SSI an only get $950.00 a month to pay my Bills. Can anyone Help?? From bob

    1. Wow I’m so sorry about that, I wish I could help u really. I pray that a christmas miracle will happen so that you can get a roof. I’m also unemployed I know how hard it is. I hope some how your christmas need will be meet because miracles do happen when you least expect it.

  2. I guess this is a strange Christmas wish. I after many yrs of not wanting to go to the Viet-Nam Wall in Washington D.C. now want to go to honor my brothers and sisters who are my hero’s. Never been able to afford to go and tried to catch the traveling wall but could not. I know this will not happen but it is my wish.

    1. You have a cool wish ,its very sentiment. Yes its true our christmas wishes may not come true but that’s why its a wish cause we can hope it will come true. Hope you have a merry christmas and a happy new years 🙂

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