Twilight breaking dawn part 2 : worst movie ever!

Finally after weeks of waiting, I get to go watch twilight breaking dawn part 2. Me and my friend decided that its finally time to watch and get over the twilight movies. Got the tickets and the popcorn now going into the cinema having great expectations for this being the best twilight movie ever. The movie starts and I’m watching and waiting for something to happen but nothing does.

The movie was very slow to get to the climax. This twilight suppose to be the darkest of them all. It was only towards the end of the movie where there was this awesome intense fight/battle scene that made the movie worth watching so I taught. Apparently that fight was just a vision from alice, which means there was no real fight. Alice only showed the vision to the leader of the volturi to show them if they fight what will happen.

The ending was such a disappointment, it was to corny or happy go lucky you could say.
It was a happy ever after ending where no body dies. Without any tragedies or deaths you can’t get that satisfaction for the good guys to battle and win to avenge those they lost. This movie was to lovey dovey and I prefer the first three twilight movies instead of the breaking dawn saga.

I still don’t see why twilight is such a big deal. All I know that the movies are all about bella, bella, bella. She is the most annoying character in the movie and I feel like slapping her that bella. She behaved more like a vampire when she was a human and she even looked pail back then. The whole idea of vampires sparkling in the sunlight is kinda gay. Vampires are heartless and vicious creatures and twilight made them look gay.

I’m so glad its finally over its time to move on to the next craze. I hate bella more than I hate twilight LOL! I would rate this movie a 5 out of 10.


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