I’m shy but nawty when it comes to dating girls

I’m a single shy guy who loves to have fun with the opposite sex, weather it be flirting, making out, dating or just nawty sex chatting. I say I’m shy because in the presences of a beautiful girl its hard to strike up a conversation. I mean we guys are afraid of freezing up or saying the wrong thing because we don’t want to mess up the only chance we get with a girl we like.

I found a way to deal with my shyness by simply using one of my strengths. Since I’m shy around girls in person, I use social networks like facebook to meet girls and seduce them. Yeah you heard right, I said seduce them. Chatting over instant messengers and social networks allows me to be brave and to say what’s really on my mind without the fear of rejection. It’s much easier to flirt by texting which also makes a girl feel safer and more comfortable.

I’ve learnt a lot of tips about flirting from barney stinston who stars in the tv show “how I met your mother” and I also read a few blogs. Using these tips I developed 3 steps in order to seduce these girls.

Step 1 : Make friends with a girl on facebook with similar interests to you.

Step 2 : After chatting to them on facebook for a while its now safe to ask them to invite you on a instant messenger like bbm or whatsapp etc. Now I can chat to her more often or on a more personal level while we getting to know each other because instant messengers gives you access to her at anytime.

Step 3 : Now that we have gotten to know each other over instant messengers. She will feel comfortable with you enough to want to meet you in person. The best part is I won’t feel shy anymore because after getting to know her, I don’t feel intimidated by her now.

The Nawty Chapter!

You can also have a lot of fun after step 2. How? Well if she’s comfortable with you and able to chat to you about anything. Sexting or sex chat is the way to get more intimate with a girl. I’ll be writing an ebook on this post.

I have had many encounters with sexting with girls and it was very nawty. Girls seem to enjoy it more than I taught. Of course like real sex, sexting is more about expressing what you would like to do to a girl, but people do it wrong because they it rush to the end. Sexting is about building up to the orgasm. You have to explain in great detail how you would have four-play with a girl and tell her step by step where and how you would kiss her to get things started. When you sexting with a girl she must be able to imagine you having sex with her. Trust me when I tell you I have done this and many girls have told me that they have had an orgasm from sexting with me because it turned them on so much , that it pushed them to want to mastabate.

Thank you for reading this post look out for my ebook soon on this topic. I like to thank my friend zak for inspiring me to write my first ebook.


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