Am i cursed?

Do believe in fate or destiny? Well I don’t really care. Sometimes I wonder weather or not I’m cursed. I say this because nothing good ever happens to me. Have you ever had one bad thing after another happen to you. I don’t know if it is a stroke of bad luck or me just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I just feel cursed. I don’t win completions. People I know who do bad things, but good things happen to them.

I can’t understand this feeling! I’m so unlucky when it comes to jobs, money and winning. Life is a bitch or fate is! Regardless of my miss fortunes I live my life the way I want to. Sure i may not have good luck but I stay true to myself and not let fates curse bring me down. I’m clumsy that’s another reason and don’t ever do anything right. So you can understand why I feel cursed.

Maybe its just a mindset I will never know? Wish someone could just give me an answer on what I need to do to change my fate or destiny. 2013 is almost here and I want to start the new year off right. Well if you ever felt cursed, just give me a shout or comment.


4 thoughts on “Am i cursed?

  1. yeah i feel like that sometimes i can relate to what u r talking about esp when a sequence of bad Events happen one after the other n i used to think like that i’m unlucky as well but when i think about it ,I know it’s All Karma or Fate i.e. What u do comes back to u so that makes us Responsible for Everything happens to us whether good or bad .change ur thoughts and ur reality will change instead of thinking u r cursed ,think of how lucky u r and what’s good in ur life ,I find the most Lucky ppl r the ppl who always think positive thoughts and Optimistic most of the time plus they feel grateful about Everything they got in their lives .So start to focus on the positive and Eliminate the negative .Good Luck with that ^^

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