2012 count down to the end of the world

The year end is here and so is the end of the world? Believe it or not here in south africa there are a lot of rumours about what’s gonna happen on 21 december 2012. Its seems people think there’s gonna be a huge black out from the 21st all the way to christmas. Some say the world is gonna end and others think that this is the judgement of GOD.

If there’s any truth to the rumours that the world will end. Then I’m not ready to die just yet, I have so much to accomplish before I meet my maker. There’s a lot of panic but not enough proof. To make things worse hollywood had to make that stupid movie about that concept of 2012. I don’t believe that non sense that world will end because the mayan’s say so. let’s say the mayan’s where right and the world does end, what happens if some of us survive the aftermath. I rather die than survive it, because who wants to live in a apocalyptic world where we have to become scavengers for food. I guess the clock is ticking and only time will tell for now.

I got no time to waste on weather or not the world will end. There’s so much to do ,like unfinished goals and resolutions to complete. If this rumour or myth has taught me anything, it is to use our time wisely because you never how much time you have left.

Do you think the world will end? Its seems when ever there’s a national disaster or alien invasion! New york is always the first to go. Why is that? LoL. Well if you alive after the 21 of december have a happy new year 🙂


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