The back stabbing upcoming actress who unfollowed me!

Monday’s makes me want to explode enough to write this post. My friend is a movie director and he loves to share his passion and give people the opportunity to act in his movies. There was one actress in particular that acted in a local movie which gave her a little fame. So things where good and my friend gave this actress an opportunity to act in his upcoming feature movie.

Things was good at first, she was humble an a great actress until pride got the best of her. The previous movie this actress did got a lot of exposure in the community because it was it’s first dvd release. The dvd release made her a little more famous and it slowly began to get to her head. She began to think of herself as a big time actress and even created her own facebook fan page so people will know her as an actress. She dropped out of my friends movie and stopped working with him and myself.

What’s worst! is that she unfollowed me and my friends on twitter. She just decides we no longer in the same league as her because she has a little more fame now. Its sad to see someone you taught you could trust! stab you in the back and betray you for fame. I will not mention any names because I want to respect that persons privacy and not promote hate speech. This post was something I just had to get of my chest.


3 thoughts on “The back stabbing upcoming actress who unfollowed me!

  1. I hate to hear stories of a little fame going to one’s head…. Lucy Lui made a great comment: Be kind to everyone one as you move up as you will meet them again on your way down. I must say Fame is only an illusion and be thankful for those who have helped you.

    1. I totally agree with you. This actress was also our friend and now because of her little fame ,she wants nothing to do with me or my friends. Its sad and heart breaking when these things happen 😦

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