New years resolutions? good or bad for you

The time has come where we can not put off any resolutions or stop time because the end of the year is here. Many people like myself wish they could of done more this year. Honestly I have a lot of regret doing the things I’ve done this year. Yesterday after going to church my pastor spoke about giving thanks for the good god has done in your life. My faith might not be strong but I do believe in giving thanks for the good that has happen in my life.

2013 is it really a chance to move on and start fresh

Answer : yes and no

Sure it feels easily to start over on a new year ,but If you can’t have that mentality everyday, then you just lying to yourself with every new years resolution. Everyday is a day to start over and new years resolutions are just a way to stall or procrastination your life’s decisions. If anything what you should be doing is making sure you meet your goals before this year ends.

Casting away the past! Burning away the negativity

I will not be making any resolutions this year but instead I’ll be making a list of my negative qualities. This list will hold personal information about the bad stuff in my life, which I will burn at midnight. Once I burn that list it will become a tradition for me to let go of the past. The point of this is not taking my negative attitude and burdens with me into the new year. This is just something I taught of doing. I’m still not sure weather or not I will be doing it, but it would be great to hear what’s your point of view on the matter.

I know its a bit early but I want to wish you a Happy new years and may you all have a prosperous 2013 year from vishal4nw 🙂


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