Follow your dreams this 2013

The dust has settled from the holiday season and now its back to work for the new year. Now is the time to start planning ahead to ensure your dreams and successes come true. I’m unemployed at moment and if I don’t do something to take a step in the direction of my dreams I’m gonna lose my mind. Just saying for to long I’ve been living in the shadow of other peoples dreams and now I need to take a step in a new direction to build myself and my dreams.

The most important element of success I’ve learnt is? you have to have a set of goals, without any goals you are like a blind man walking into traffic on the street. Goals are meant to guide you step by step to achieve success. I’ve yet to sort out my goals, so I decided to find out what my goals are with a friend whose looking to do the same thing.

In my search for success I’ve been talking to a local celebrity and asked him what is success? his answer was and I quote “Success is different for each person & we end up chasing other peoples goals. Find out what success is for you then go for it!”

His answer really made me think a lot about what success meant to me. 2013 is really a year to start over and go after your dreams. So ask yourself this question before you attempt your dream, why do you want success. I believe once you’ve answered this question you will have a better understanding and purpose of what you need to do.

Forget the how and why? Questions and take on your dream one goal at a time because that’s what I plan on doing.

Everyone has fears!

No matter what your dream is there is always someone better then you. This often leads us into insecurity and doubt. This leads us into a competing mentality which often corrupts our decisions towards our dreams. Remember if you love what you do! You will do it for the right reason and enjoy it in the processes. Don’t compete with others, just do what you love to do and I promise you will be much happier.

So let 2013 bring everyone’s dreams «-come to light 🙂 best wishes ladies and gentlemen.


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