What you would do if your saw a facebook friend at the mall?

Everyone these days has facebook friends but what would you do if saw one of them in a public place like at the mall or shopping centre etc. The questions you should ask yourself? Would he or she recognise you, would it be awkward. I’ve asked many of my friends about my blog title to get their opinion on what they would do if they saw a facebook friend. 70% of them said they would go up to them and introduced themselves. Most of my friends are guys ,so I guess that answer would be only natural. Guys would use any means to meet girls and facebook is just one of them lol.

The question you should ask yourself before approaching a facebook friend is? do I chat to this personal consistently. Also ask yourself when last have I chatted to this person or have I ever chatted to them at all. No point going up to him or her and making a complete fool of yourself ,if they don’t even know who you are. I guess walking up to a girl or guy and telling them I think I have you on my facebook , my name is so an so. I’m sure that would be a pretty good pickup line. So what are your taught’s on the matter.

This post was inspired by true events. When my friend taught he saw a girl from his facebook at mall we was shopping at.


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