My Interesting but awkward day

You gotta love the weekend and saturday is the day to get up to mischief. Today I’m spending the day going shopping with my friends at the mall looking to buy a gift and some playstation 3 games. Two interesting events seemed to happen today.

The first thing, as browsing to buy some games me and my friends was talking a bit loud about the game angry bird. Me and my one friend was disagreeing with my other friend about why he hates angry bird. The weird thing that happen was a lady who appeared out of nowhere started arguing with my friend about how can you hate angry bird. It was certainly a LMAO moment.

The second thing that happened was when I went to till to pay for a pc game I bought, this cute girl began to talk me and then it lead to flirting. I was such an idiot because I got so caught up in the moment talking to her and then left in such a rush because my friends where leaving the store to finish shopping in the mall. In that rush of leaving I forgot to ask that girl for her BBM pin and phone number. I guess what’s done is done but I lost out on a great opportunity 😦


2 thoughts on “My Interesting but awkward day

    1. Awwwh thanks 🙂 I hope so to. Its been a while since any1 flirted with me. I guess I can always visit her store again. Lmao angry birds is a shooter game ,so just go wild haha.

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