My new blog header design

Hi to my blog readers hope you’ll doing well for the new year. I could use your opinion on the new header I designed for my blog. Do you prefer the old header or the new one I design now. I tried to keep it simple and more of a comic book look design. I am looking forward to your feedback. 🙂


6 thoughts on “My new blog header design

  1. To my greatest shame and lack of memory (I forget things in 2 seconds, no kidding) I can’t remember the old logo.
    This one describes you and fits the color scheme.
    If you wanna talk design terms, I feel the flow isn’t there. My eyes go all over the header and can’t settle on anything. Having a focal or the entire thing as a focal is good but on your header that isn’t shown.
    Still, non-designer people might not spot this and it already looks good enough to not be redone. I say keep this one. 🙂

    1. Haha thanks for the feedback I appreciate it. Yes you right about the focal point. I didn’t put as much taught in this design, just wanted a cool look. But still experimenting for now, but will change my header later on with a better design.

      1. I quite like this header actually. 😛

        Meh, I don’t put much thought when I’m actually making whatever I’m making either, I touch up stuff at the end.

        Ironically enough, I spend yesterday browsing themes (you won’t believe the fight I had with them…I took them at hand dozens of times each >-<) and my current theme has the same colors as yours :O. Seems like this year is all about new things.

      2. Thanks again, wow good to know there’s other graphic designers like me out there lol. Your designs are amazing full of life. So you deciding to change your blog theme this year. There are some beautiful ones out there but I’m scared to change my theme.

      3. You already know that about me. And I thought I had bad memory. 😛
        Yeah, I’m not sure it fits my personality but I kinda like it and kinda don’t. :O

      4. Maybe you need to do something spontaneous and just go with the flow if you still not sure about your blog theme. Like you said time to try something different :p

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