Why girls go for the bad boys!

There is a mystery about why girls always fall for the bad boys. This question has a eluded me for years. I mean I am such a good guy and this made me wonder why I never get the girl I want. Guys like me will do anything and everything for cute girls but that always ends bad. The good guys will always get used because they to nice. So is being nice a good or bad thing. Well yes it is and I’ll explain why girls go for the bad boys.

Bad boys and players have one thing in common. They confident in what they want. Sure some players are cocky but they go after what they want with confidence and no hesitation. When players or bad boys have this quality, its shows authority and girls are attracted to that. Girls don’t like guys who are push overs and guys who give in easily. That’s what you call good guys being desperate for a girls attention and i guess women like a challenge. Good guys often over think things when approaching a girl and that’s why they stall when talking to girls and this breaks their chances of chemistry. Never look desperate or beg for a girls attention because that will make you look weak and allow girls to take advantage of you.

You need to be bold and say how you feel and why you want her to be your women. Take charge and be confident. Last night I tried that. I told this girl I like her but all I want is to be friend with benefits. I didn’t say are you ok with this or please. I just said with authority I want you and that’s that. Surprisingly she’s tells me wow you not shy and you know what you want. This strategy won’t always work for you to get girls but it will increase your chances of getting the girl of your dreams.


5 thoughts on “Why girls go for the bad boys!

    1. Hey thanks for your comment. I guess you right. I’ve watched the video its pretty cool but should have an age restriction lol. I was simply speaking of my experience and what I have been through and not spoken in general. Will be doing a short post as a follow up tonight on your taughts hope its ok.

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