Top 3 tv shows that I taught was legendary

What’s better than relaxing an watching a movie with popcorn? Well popular tv shows. Why? Because with each episode we have captivated for what’s gonna happen next. This makes us addicts and victims to popular tv shows. Today there are many good series out there but to me there are only 3 that are legendary.

1. lost

Lost was a riveting show where you don’t know what’s gonna happen next. We would wait with anticipation for what happens next. Tv shows aren’t like that anymore, even thou they are still some good shows. I was a lost fan but after season 4 I couldn’t afford the dvd box set. I knew I had to finish it and thank god for friends. It so happen my friend had the last two seasons. So I began to watch the last two seasons for hours. I had my own marathon watching lost and it was epic. Finally got some closure to see the end and I was hooked with every episode.

2. Prison break

Another legendary show if I ever seen one. Who ever written the script for prison break was a genius. This show had suspense, politics, conspiracy, actions and a killer story. I never taught watching a series about prison break would be this awesome. If you watched this show you would know how epic it was. The ending was sad thou 😦

3. Hero’s

Hero’s was a show I never seen coming. This show was every comic book and super hero fan dream. I mean it got a killer villain, action and powers. The show itself was about ordinary people who obtain powers and people brought together by destiny to save the world. Sure it may of ended crappy but the concept was cool.


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