The one night stand! is it for me

The secret of relationships, boy meets girl then fall in love. Sounds like a fairy tail right? Well there’s a dark side to this fairy tail. We all been told that we must wait for the right partner or marriage before having sex. The truth be told sex isn’t what it used to be. Everyone is doing it. The one sexual term that’s being used the most is! The one night stand.

I meet women and girls on facebook who discreetly want to have sex. In fact I have a facebook friend who is flying down from capetown to durban where I live to meet with me this weekend and wants to have sex. I’m a shy decent guy and I’m not sure if I really want to do this. I have principals like waiting for the right girl and stuff. Then sometimes I have needs as a man and wish I could just have sex with someone at times.

The one night stand is quite modern now days and is a great pleasure. I would consider it if I didn’t have to worry about catching a vicious STD like HIV or any other STD. Sure in the heat of the moment sex sounds hot with a stranger but the consequences could be more risky even with a condom.


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