Self motivation is more important than motivation

Life is beautiful and not many people get to experience its joy. Many people go through life held down by depression and low self esteem. To get motivated is the first step to getting your life in order, but motivation doesn’t always last. I was watching a reality show where a motivation speaker Justin Cohen spoke about self motivation and how its different from motivation.

Motivation helps you act on what you want to do ,but when things begin to get hard then the motivation drops and eventually leads to depression. There after leads to self doubt. I have experienced this personally. Self motivation is the ability to encourage and motivate yourself consistently. This will help you overcome challengers and live your life to the fullest.

So how does one become self motivated?

Just like how someone would motivate you, you will motivate yourself. If you have a vision or dream for your life. Then you must try to imagine it and what it will feel like to have accomplished your goals and dreams. Once you have this image in your mind you will know what you fighting for and this will give you strength. When things get tough you must talk to yourself and encourage by saying to yourself ,that you are confident and you can overcome this. I know it sounds corny but these corny tips have helped many successful people to get to the top. The best advice I can give you is believe in yourself even when you don’t feel like it.

A personal note

I wrote this article because it is what I have been going through. I’m a graphic designer who lost faith in his abilities and had to ask a friend for advice. This made me stressed because I was working on a graphic design brand and couldn’t come up with a name. After my friend helped me and gave me advice, I was scared because I didn’t believe enough in myself to design a logo for my brand. Regardless of how I felt , I told myself I can do this and one day later I was able to focus and make a logo for my brand. Self motivation is the key.


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