Yu-gi-oh! Zexal for the fans review

Yugioh! Fans I just finished watch the entire series of yugioh zexal and gotta say you in for a ride. Yugioh zexal maybe starts off a bit slow and a little corny but as the story progresses it becomes addictive. Unlike other yugioh’s series this has nothing to do with an ancient past or ancient evils. This series has to do more with planets at war and a spirit being who has being sent to earth from the planet Astral. This spirit entity known as Astral who lost his memory on arrival to earth and his power scattered all over the world in the form duel monster cards call number cards.

Anyone who comes into contact with these number cards is able to wield its power but with a price of being possesses by this card. The main story revolves around a character named Yuma. Unlike other yugioh’s series Yuma isn’t a skilled duelist like Yugi , Jaden or Yusei Fudo. Yuma is totally useless and loses to everyone but all that changes when he discovers the pendant his father gave him before disappearing possesses great power to release the spiritual entity know as astral. Now Yuma and Astral share a destiny to reclaim back the number cards that will help Astral recover his memories.

#A personal note

So far there are only 3 seasons which is only the first arc of this franchise. There’s a lot more action and story to come so stay tuned. I really enjoy this series and can’t wait to see the next arc release.


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