Listening 2 smart passive income podcast inspires me 2 write better blog posts

Today I visited a friend and before I went home he gave me a podcast he downloaded from . So I went home relaxing taught and I’d listen to the podast while I have my tea. Wow it blew me away and I now realise how much I should value my blog and my readers.

Sure I am not the best blog writer out there but this podpast helped me realised I can improve, if not for myself but for my readers. I love to blog about my life and things that interest me and I feel I need to put more taught in my posts.

Now I realise that the passion I once had to writing my posts is gone and that’s why my content feels like a graveyard. I will find my passion once again then improve and write longer better content ,weather that be about myself or random topics. So feel free to tell me what you think and please visit soon. 🙂


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