Do ever feel guilty for your blessed life!

Today as a beggar came begging for food at our home gate made me question my life’s existence. I taught to myself what if that was me begging, what If i was born into that family without a home. This made me feel guilty because I go to bed with a full stomach and a warm bed to sleep. As hard as my life is, it is a blessed life. Its takes another’s persons pain in order for you to see it.

Sometimes you might not have poverty as an issue and maybe you feel ugly. The person whose blessed with beauty doesn’t really know how blessed they are. The unattractive have to resort to using sex as a tool in order to get attention and use desperate measures while those who look beautiful are rewarded for their looks.

Before you think you have it bad look harder into the lives of others and you’ll find out how blessed your really are. While I work towards my dreams, others are working to survive. Life is unfair and I had to write this post.
I had to say what’s on my mind or I’m gonna explode.

Learn to appreciate what you have and learn to do more for others. There’s a saying, giving is better then receiving. It doesn’t always have to be about money. You can share your time with someone who is lonely. Someone may need your encouragement. People seem to think its all about money. Have we lost our humanity and become selfish.

If you had to die today what will people remember you for. Leave a legacy behind. Just remember that you are blessed. I don’t know about you but I do feel guilty at times for the life I have, because I’m sure someone else in my life would do so much more with than I. Tomorrow is a new day so start over ,have no regrets and live your life the way it was meant to be.


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