My addiction to my cellphone!

My addiction to my cellphone!

Firstly who doesn’t love their phone. I mean you can surf the interenet, play games, download movies and listen to music. A cellphone isn’t what it used to be. Now it is a full fledged media device with endless possibilities. Most of us spend our time on our phone using instant messengers to chat to our family and friends.

Smart phones has evolved cellphone’s to the level where they like computers. You can edit and customise photos with smart app now days. So why wouldn’t I be addicted to my phone. It has everything I ever wanted. Since I’m at home and unemployed my mobile phone helps me to pass the time. I guess I didn’t realise how addicted I have become. When I’m not with it I’m bored.

So I guess I need to find a hobby outside technology. I need to do something physical. Sitting on my phone all day long has made me unhealthy and lazy. I put on some extra weight due to my addiction. Sometimes you have to admit you have a problem before you can ever do anything about it.

I depend to much on my cellphone and that needs to stop. This makes me antisocial. Cellphones have made life easier but people abuse its purpose. I remember without a phone I used to play cricket ,soccer even cards games. Now I can’t remember when last I did any of that. We need to break away from antisocial trends because social networks and instant messengers cause people to stop socialising in the real world.

#That’s it for me I’m going to visit my friend now or I’ll sit here all day playing with my phone.


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