My first day at a new job!

Hey guys I’m sure from reading my previous posts, you know I was unemployed. Today I started a new job and as you may know its scary. Why? Because I am in a job where I have no experience and everything is knew to me. Of course the employers would expect you to learn everything quickly. I did ok for my first day I guess.

It was very nerve wrecking the image I had in my mind of the job. The job its self wasn’t as bad as my imagination taught but was a lot of hard work and manual labour. I have never worked so hard in my life like I have worked today. Lmao I never get the easy jobs like admin work, data capturing, call centre rep or social media advertising.

Well enough of the complaining lol. I am on a one week probation to see if I’m worth keeping around. I’m gonna do my best to make sure I get the job for my future investments. Life’s about what you do now to impact your future. I learnt that from my friend zak khan.

I’m back home and I’m absolutely tired just wanna sleep but can’t waste time like that now. Need to watch some anime and design some graphics for my brand. Well I’m tired now so I’m gonna catch some sleep now anyway.


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