A graphic designers confession! Gimp or photoshop

Hello fellow graphic designers. Its seems people have the wrong idea when it comes to gimp and photoshop. Its not a competition between these two software’s. Its quite simple gimp is an open source free software with similar capabilities to photoshop. There’s no doubt that photoshop is better than gimp but not everyone can afford photoshop. Its not what you use, its how you use it. “For example two different gaming consoles, the xbox and the playstation. Both consoles can play the latest games with the same capabilities despite the difference in features. Of course the xbox is cheaper than the playstation but both serve the same purpose as photoshop and gimp.”

I’ve used photoshop, gimp, corel draw and adobe fireworks and they all can do the same thing if you are creative and able to use it right. Photoshop wouldn’t be so expensive for nothing. Its worth every penny but has a lot going on there with features. If you can’t afford photoshop the second best choice would be coreldraw which is more affordable. Of course if you can afford software then I suggest you use gimp and inkscape, both are free and with the capabilities of photoshop and coreldraw.

The difference between gimp and photoshop.


Photoshop is hardcore and has a lot going on. So it may take you a while to adapt to its many features. Over all its great with many filters and features but its useless unless you no how to use it.

Benefit: You most likely to get a job as a graphic designer if you mastered photoshop.


Gimp is also a professional graphic design software. Gimp may not be power packed with features but it comes with the most necessary tools for designing. To make your gimp better you may have to tweak the software and install some plugins which can make you have more features close to photoshop.

Helpful hint : With gimp its quite difficult to get a job as a graphic designer that’s the bad news. The goods news is if you determined you can work for yourself and become a freelance graphic designer or simply start your design business. If you freelance no one would really care what software you use, but as long as they get a finish product.

In the end of the day its not what software you use its how creative you can use it.

#Watch out soon for my post on gimp freelance graphic design.

#This headers post was designed in gimp.


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