Guys are suckered by girl’s with sweet words

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The sad truth is guys are suckered by sweet words from girls. Some guys are often so desperate for attention and girls know it. When girl’s says something like how are you sweety or how’s your day hun. The words sweety and hun translates in guys mind that this girl is into me.

Wrong big mistake, those words are just polite words. If you are desperate a girl will know it and use it against you. She will be sweet and call you hun and sweety so she could use you to do things or buy things for her. Another thing when a female friend tells a guy do me a favor and you respond immediately then you screwed. Why because she will be nice to you and maybe flirt a little just to get what she wants. She doesn’t even have to take nude photos to get you on the ropes.

If a girl responds to your profile pictures and says its nice or awesome pic. That’s not her liking you that’s just her complementing you. If she said you look cute, well then there’s a small gap of opportunity if she thinks that. If she admits you cute on her own, then only she’s expressing interest. Words is the key. If you miss interrupt a girls words then you can get your heart broken or make a big mistake.

Having that x factor makes you a target on a girls radar. So what’s the x factor? Well the x factor is something that gets her attention or something she can benefit from you. For example if you rich she will want your money, if you popular she wants to ride of your fame, if you good looking she wants to make other girls jealous. Those scenarios are kind of the upper class stuff. For the average guy it would be something more like, if I’m a photographer she can use me for a free photo shoot, if I’m a graphic designer maybe do her favor’s and edit stuff for her. Basically anything that will benefit her.

Guys don’t often think women have game. That’s the worst mistake any guy could ever make. Women have more game than you think. Women who cheat usually never get caught its the guy who is always careless for his needs but women they clever and sly. Don’t underestimate a women. Her words may sounds tempting but it is all to control you.

#facts not all women are like this but as if lately a lot are.


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