My worst fear I’m losing my hair! “bald spot appears”

I’m sure many of you heard of the phrase I’m having a bad hair day. Well I got the next worst thing. I got a bald spot on my head as you can see in the picture above you. This picture was taken today but I may of tweaked it a bit so you can see the bald area more clearly. Recently I’ve noticed it but guess it didn’t really hit me until now that I’m losing some hair.

What I am going to do. It will change the way I look. I’m so not ok with this. I mean none of my brothers have a bald spot and they are older than me. So why do I have one. I’m not sure I can pull off this look with a bald patch. So its gonna be even harder to pick up girls looking like this. I have enough insecurities as it is and now this. To think I’m getting old but I’m not that old to have this problem.

Question? Does anyone know what I am suppose to do about this! cause I am freaking out a little. It is my hair after all and it does determine how I look. Besides I like my standard hairstyle and this thing screwing with it. Maybe I can wear a cap but that look never suited me. I don’t know how people with this hair problem live with it but if anyone has any suggestions please comment :).


5 thoughts on “My worst fear I’m losing my hair! “bald spot appears”

  1. my brother had the same problem but first when he noticed that ,he went the doctor and used to spray that spot every day ,it does delay getting bald but i think eventually it falls off may be i’m not sure ,the best thing u can do is to go to the doctor and use medications as quickly as possible ,,,Good luck with that 🙂

    1. Thank you for your comment. I was a bit scared about losing my hair. I will go to the doctor thanks. I’m also thinking of a new hair cute keeping my hair short maybe that might help but Its good to know that I’m not alone in this. So thanks again for commenting and have a great weekend 🙂

  2. u r so welcome ,i think it’s a genetic problem! yeah keeping it short could be a style 2 ,I know someone who shave all his hair just as a
    “style” ,so u can go for that option as well .thanks u 2 have great weekend 🙂

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