Nice guys do not finish last! So a blogger commented

Today as I woke up I noticed I’ve gotten an email because someone had commented on my blog on a post I’ve done a while back. The post title was “nice guys finish last”. A girl commented and she said and I quote “Sorry, but the whole “nice guys finish last” is bullshit. Just because you’re nice doesn’t mean that every girl you drool over should fall in love with you.”

So I taught about what she said and she had some valid points. She even posted a link to a video that will help us understand why nice guys do not finish last.

Here’s the link :

Watch the video here instead

If you watched the video please tell me you think or comment on youtube to author of this video.

I think she could be right about nice guys. We guys often make a lot of excuses why girls don’t like us. Most excuses are like I’m not I’m rich, I’m not good looking, or I’m not good enough for her. The worst one is that she’s out of my league. You know what’s the most funniest thing about those excuses. I’ve used them all lmao. Girls will like you for you and i mean your qualities not your looks or money. Unfortunately sometimes a girl does like you for the wrong things like money or looks at first, but as they get to know you they really do fall in love with you.

So don’t worry about being a bad or good boy just look for someone who shares your interests. Its not always easy to find people with the same interests at the mall or going out socially. The most guaranteed way to find someone like that for sure is to use online dating or facebook. Why because then you can read a girls profile and determine if she has similar interest as you.


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