Facebook stalking and the girls in mini skirts who can become bisexual

Facebook stalking we all guilty of it at some point. Its more likely for guys to stalk girls. If girls simply thinks its none of any guys business to look at your photos and your profile, then she’s got it all wrong. The fact that you have a facebook account means everything you do and say is public now to the entire world. Those half naked pictures you upload is now eye candy.

The question is why do you upload those pictures of yourself in miniskirts and exposing yourself. There’s only one reason! To get attention. Girls love it even if they won’t admit it. Why do you think they live for days like valentines days or their birthdays its because they get attention. Maybe sometimes a girl’s boyfriend doesn’t compliment her, like when you’ll first met. He would say things like? you look so beautiful or hot in that dress. No you don’t get that anymore but instead you upload pictures of yourself to facebook and get thousands of compliments and the truth be told you feel great if a thousand guys think you hot.

Sexy photos is one thing but sluty photos are another. To guys there’s a minimum length to a mini skirt and if you go shorter than that then you a slut. This attracts stalkers. Of course not all guys are the same but some guys will take it the wrong way and seeing you dressing so sluty will make them become lustful or obsessed with you. So how do you spot these stalkers. He will be liking your pictures frequently and commenting often about how hot your are.

How girls can become bisexual when stalked by other girls.

As perverted as guys can be when stalking girls on facebook, what’s more dangerous is girls stalking girls. This is something that’s not often spoken about. As much as a man finds a girl to be sexy or attractive, a women whose a lesbian or bisexual find another women to be at least ten times sexier or hotter than a guy would. How do I no this! Sometimes when I used to get bored I used to go in chatrooms. I would create a female profile just for fun and go into lesbian or bisexual chatrooms just to see how women felt about other women. Its seems women can be even bigger perverts than guys.

Girls love girls who look good in mini skirts. So imagine what another girl is thinking about you while reading your profile. Guys are more open when stalking you because you can see it in their behaviour. Girls are more shuttle when stalking other girls. They usually become friends with you first. Girls are more trusting to be friends with a another girl instead of a guy.

Stalking is stalking weather its a guy stalking or a girl stalking. I know I’m going off topic here but it is about stalking. In the chatrooms when I would speak to bisexual and lesbians they used to tell me things like how they did it with straight girls. The things I’ve told you so far about stalking is exactly what they told me about making friends on facebook and tuning them to become bisexual.

I’m sure if you a girl and reading this you must be laughing at me right now. You think it will never happen to you. I’m sorry to burst your bubble. It can happen to you and it will if you let it. When she is stalking you girl, she knew become your facebook friend was just the first step and the second step was to become close friends with in person. She would even lie about sharing the same interests as you just to get close to you and spend time. You wouldn’t just break a friendship that easily once that bond is formed. So one day when she makes the moves on you, it will be when you least expect it.

You will fight it at first but she slowing convince you to experiment because no one will ever know and what’s the harm in a little fun. The most common line is, you don’t have to do anything let me do all the work and if later if you feel uncomfortable I’ll stop. Please girl you not gonna tell her to stop after she’s gone down on you. That’s your biggest mistake because once you agreed to let her have her way with you, then you will enjoy it and it doesn’t matter anymore weather its a guy or girl pleasuring you. Because pleasure is pleasure regardless. Then you wake up in the morning with regret and wish you never uploaded that profile picture with you in a mini skirt that attracted your female stalker. Finally you realise you are now bisexual.

#personal note I have nothing against bisexuals or lesbians. In fact I love them. This article was about express my taughts and research on this topic.


4 thoughts on “Facebook stalking and the girls in mini skirts who can become bisexual

  1. This is total bollocks. People are born bisexual, or they are not. If you’re straight, nobody will “turn” you. If somebody asks you to do something and you don’t want to do it, say no and get the fuck out of there! Yes, people can be guil-tripped into doing something “gay”, but that does’t change their sexuality!

    1. I understand your point, but this article isn’t fact just my opinion on the matter. And you the right to yours. You don’t have to serious about it. Its Just what I’ve seen and what I’m writing about that’s all.

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