Day at the clinic

One thing I hate more than being sick is going to the clinic. My mother has to go to the hospital for her monthly check ups but it so happens her clinic date was on the same day as the hospital date. So I ended going to the clinic to pick up my mom’s medication. So I went anyway but only to be disappointed. I figured if I went I would at least think positive and expect the clinic to have hot or young nurses. There was none just old scary nurse’s.

Its been an hour sitting in line waiting for medication and i notice a young but cute girl in her school uniform. So I couldn’t help but look. So eventually I stopped looking cause she was to young, so I stopped showing any interest. She did the total opposite and showing interest which I didn’t expect. I kept ignoring her and she kept coming near me and sitting by me until her uncle called her and arguing with her.

It seemed that she was a naughty girl and her uncle was arguing with her to behave and to be responsible. He told her to sit down one place. She had been caught cutting class so that’s how she ended up being at the clinic with her uncle as punishment. I may of not gotten a hot nurse but got a hot school girl instead. If she was older maybe I would of offered her a muffin but it was entertaining to see how a young girl got schooled by her uncle for being naughty.

Well thank god i gotten what I came for and going home as fast as I could. Now that I’m home there’s nothing to eat. Dam I’m hungry. Well later peeps I’m on the hunt for food so until next time.


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