Still sick with the flu!

Its about almost a week and I still have the flu. My tablets are almost out. Dam my chest hurts but otherwise feeling a little better. I was suppose to write something more interesting for a post today but am not feeling well. Wish me a full recovery peeps cause I’m gonna try and sleep this thing off. I’m sure most of you can relate how the flu can drain the life out of you.

Any way I want to just put this out there? Do any of you know of any home remedies for the flu. I would really appreciate it. The last of the money I had from the job I got fired, I used that money to go to the doctors. So I won’t be going back to doctor cause I have no money.

Once I’m better just looking forward to putting my life together and taking some responsibility. Since I’m sick and in bed now I am just downloading motivational podcast’s to help motivate and inspire myself. Its a great way to pass the time I guess. See you guys soon I’m going bed.


4 thoughts on “Still sick with the flu!

  1. I know that Vitamin C is good for the flu and u can find it in Lemon or orange ,plus hot drinks like cinnamon with ginger .Ginger is so good at beating cold!
    there is other trick sleep and make urself Sweat .Sweating kinda make the body expel cold ,I don’t know how but i tried it n it works!
    wish u speed Recovery ISA

    1. Awwwwh thank you 🙂 means so much. Yeah I heard ginger is good for flu… But it tastes so horrible I guess I have no choice but to try it. Thank you again for your advice. Its seems you always have wise words for me when I need it. You are angel I tell you.

      1. u r welcome I’m glad to help 🙂
        yeah i know ginger hasn’t the best taste but think of it as medicine it doesn’t taste good but u have to take it!
        thanks Alot ,i’m flattered!

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